Florist and Wholesale

Bulk buckets of mixed flowers- Flowers are a mix of what is blooming on the farm. All flowers are organic, sustainably grown, local. 

  • 5 gallon bucket - $50 approximately 70 stems (sample mix 6 Sunflowers, 2 Gladiolus, 6 long cosmos stems, 6 long Centaurea stems, 5 Celosia stems, 45 Zinnias)

Prices include delivery to your store. There is a dollar deposit fee for each bucket kept until we pick up the next shipment or flowers can be transferred to your store buckets.

Bulk buckets of specific flower- We also take requests for a certain amount of a specific kind of flower we have in bloom. We will do our best to accommodate and negotiate the price depending on variety) 

Sample flower varieties- Depend on the week, yield and demand. 
-Zinnias- Giant Salmon Rose, Benary’s Giant Mix, Oklahoma Formula Mix Improved, Jazzy Mix, Giant Flowered Violet, Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix.
-Helianthus/Sunflowers- Chocolate, Buttercream, Greenburst, Double Quick Orange, Peach Passion, Procut Red, Moulin Rouge, Ring of Fire, Procut Orange, Strawberry Blonde, Sunrich Orange
-Calendula- Princess mix, Alpha
-Cosmos- Double Click Cranberry, Double Click Mix
-Centaurea- Choice Mix
-Celosia- Chief Mix, Pampas Plume, Cramers’ Amazon
-Gladiolus- Pastel and bright mix
-Dahlia- Variety
-Yarrow- Pink and red