Our Story

My husband and I started Pisgah Flowers after moving back to my hometown from Seattle in 2014. I worked in the education field the last few years after graduate school and while we really grew from our time in Seattle it was time to come back to NC.

I’ve always loved playing in the dirt growing, learning and exploring from the lessons the earth has to share. I studied Sustainable Development in undergraduate and had a farming practicum, took classes, workshops and my own hands on training. However, going into this business I knew I would be going in with a huge learning curve. Totally switching career paths and leaving the city lifestyle in Seattle and moving back home and starting a farm is in it self a huge learning curve but an exciting thrilling one. 


We built a tiny house to move into on the farm land while we started the business. My husband began working remotely for his job in Seattle and now works remotely out of the barn and I work the field and run Pisgah Flowers. Giving up the comforts of a house and career in Seattle and moving into a tiny house on family farm land is a testament to our passion for living big through living small.

Pisgah Flowers is a small farm with a big heart and is family run with everyone chipping in where they can.

Thank you for visiting our blog and website and your support of Pisgah Flowers!