Our growing practices

Here at Pisgah Flowers we believe in sustainable growing practices and serving the land we work on with respect. We live on the land we work and want to keep it as healthy and happy as possible. We studied sustainable development at Appalachian State University and have always carried what we learned in the classroom into the field. Flowers are good for the soul, but flowers that aren't cultivated in a healthy way for the land counteract the good they can bring. We believe in sustainability and carry that with us through our daily farming practices so that you can feel good about the choice you make when purchasing with us. 

  • Drip Irrigation-30 - 50% less water than conventional watering methods and protects against diseases.

  • Organic Practices- Organic only soil amendments, composting and fertilizing.

  • Organic Pest Control- Companion crop planting,hand picking, Neem Oil.

  • Crop Diversity- Farmers can grow varieties of the same crop yielding small but substantial differences among the plants.

  • Cover Crops- Reduces the need for chemical inputs like herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers.

  • Crop Rotation- Crop rotation is a tried and tested method used since ancient farming practices proven to keep the soil healthy and nutritious.

Sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. This form of agriculture enables us to produce healthful food without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same.
— http://www.sustainabletable.org/