Fresh, Local Community Powered Flowers

Local seasonally fresh food is a mainstream concept these days. However, the flower industry is also in need of an overhaul in the way we buy and think of flowers. Did you know over 80% of the flowers sold at grocery stores, florist shops, through FTD, and online are actually grown thousands of miles away, most likely in South America? The $40 billion worldwide floriculture industry is focused on uniformity and durability for long shipping distances. There are no labeling requirements and are more often then not sprayed heavily and mono-cropped. Why wouldn't you want flowers that come from local fields? Or ones that express the cycle of seasons?

Benefits of buying flowers locally

Imported flowers are often cut a week or more before they arrive in a consumer’s hands. During this time, quality and vase life decline. Locally-grown flowers can be cut in the morning and on your table that evening.

Shipping flowers from countries outside the United States incurs huge transportation, energy, refrigeration, and storage costs, leaving an enormous carbon footprint. These floral materials may carry residue of chemical pesticides or fungicides.

Flowers from a local farm like Pisgah Flowers can be connected to a time, a place, a person, a season, an event. They are grown with love, patience and care on a small farm right here in the Asheville area. You can appreciate knowing that your flowers contributed to the local economy, are cared for by the individual, were sustainably grown and are as fresh as possible.